Get help to solve practical issues in Gdansk, Sopot or Gdynia and the rest of Poland!

Minor everyday problems!

If you are about to start living in Warsaw, or if you want to run a business here, then you can get hour based help in solving any problem.

Renting a flat or an office, company registration or talking to the tax office. Thousands of routine tasks being solved quickly and efficiently.


             Price per hour: 115 zloty

          Includes interpreting Polish-English-Polish






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Tourist guide in Gdansk, Warszawa and the rest of Poland

Round tour in Warsaw

8 hours round tour, starting at the Palace Square or at Your hotel.

This all day trip will be planned individually, and will of course include a few stops for a meal and a drink.

During the trip I will tell you about Poland and Warsaw - present day situation and a historic view.

If you are particularly interested in a special subject, then please tell me beforehand - but of course you are very welcome to ask questions during the tri


                              Price 950 zloty + price of transport (bus/ taxi)


Round tour in Gdansk

A round tour in the historical city, where we look at the monuments and the architecture – We take the classical Royal Route, which includes Dluga Street. We will also look at the harbour front, the post office, the market hall, the old fortification and the small street, which let you compare the pre-war architecture with the later reconstructions.  We will of course also take a look at the Mariacki Church and walk through Mariacki street, which is filled up with amber shops. During the trip I shall tell you about the history of Poland and the up to date situation in the country.


2 hours 230 zloty

A three hours trip enables us to add a few more things to the above. There are different possibilities, i.e.:


Vi start in the Old Suburb, a part of town a bit apart from the historical centre. Here the town wasn’t rebuilt the same way as in the actual centre, which gives a chance how history has formed Gdansk as a rag rug with buildings from the middle ages mixing with German apartment blocks and grandiose public buildings from the 19th century, local street art, bombed out houses from the war, concrete block towers from the 1960ies and 1970ies, as well as luxurious apartment blocks from the latest decade. We also take a look at the old store buildings and the part of the city called the Long Gardens, which also offers mixed architecture. At the end we compare it all the rebuilt centre, which stand in all it’s glory, reminding us of the Polish roots of Gdansk.

2.      Round tour in Gdansk + visiting the ship yard and the excibition “Roads to Freedom” (an additional 6 zloty per person)

3.  Round tour in Gdansk + a visit to the old prison, which has been transferred into an amber museum.

4.    (shortening the main programme a bit, in order to see alt the mentioned churches) – The Gdansk Churches: St Catherine’s Church, the Holy Trinity Church, the Royal Chapel, Church of St. Peter and Paul, St. Elizabeth’s Church.


3 hours 330 zloty


Round tour in Sopot

We take a look at the hos places in Sopot, look at the architecture and take a stroll into the upper part of the city, hvere you find a great wildlife

2 hours 230 zloty



Along the rails

We board the local train from Gdansk, and get off at a number of stations on the way to Gdynia. We take a look at the local objects of interest, and we take a look at how people live in Poland, if you don't happen to have a flat in the city centre.

2 hours 230 zloty

3 hours 330 zloty


All day tour

In a relaxed atmosphere we visit Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, and a few other interesting places on the way. The trip includes a few stops for a meal and a drink, whenever needed.

8 hours 830 zloty plus train tickets


Indicidual tours

If You would like to see something special, or to have a tematic trip, I will be happy to organiye it, in the Gdansk area as well as in Warsaw and other parts of Poland, speciallz in Wroclaw and Krakow.