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Grand Hotel Sopot


Hotels and restaurants

This guide is a positive list. I do not give stars, will just mention places, which according to me or my friends are worth a visit. If I personally don't think they are worth it, I won't mention them. I only list a few places of the thousands of bars and restaurants in 3-city, but hope to be able to expand the list next year. 


Cafe Absinthe, Targ Weglowy (next to the theatre) – a hot place for heavy parties and owners who themselves love to party. It is a place where the booze gets down the throat quickly and where people dance on the tables during late hours.  The interior design and decorations changes regularly, but it’s always something extraordinary. Student friendly prices and absinth.

Brovarnia Gdansk, Szafarnia 9, by the marina, just in front of the waterfront in the Old Town. A local brewery placed in a historical storehouse, with excellent beer, delightful waitresses and a delicious kitchen offering traditional food from Gdansk (main courses 43-80 zloty).

Hard Rock Cafe – Długi Targ 35/38 (Main pedestrian street in Gdansk).

Branch of the international chain of Hard Rock Cafés opened in Gdansk in 2014, and they shall be heartedly welcomed.  Waiters and waitresses with the extra traditional body ornaments, extreme hair styles, and great music plus bar food, where reason that I personally go there now and then are their burgers, whch show that a burger can indeed be something more than cardboard with ketchup.

Cafe Lamus & Lawendowa 8 – two cafes lying next to each other at Lewandowa 8, right behind the market hall. They have an extensive selection of beers and a relaxed atmosphere, which have made them become in-places for the local youth. Good spirit, parties on the pavement and easy-to-go meals. 

Pub LOFT, Mlynska 15. A combination of a gallery and a cafe. Good atmosphere and excellent beer. .

Restauracja Zeppelin, Kaliskiego 57 (hotel restaurant at Hotel Wolne Miasto). Polish & international kitchen at fair prices.

Cafe Balsam, ul. Piwna 66. Cozy pub in one of the side streets, Czech beer at fair prices, broad selection of coffee, breakfast, Polish pancakes with stuffing, soup and pasta. 

No to cyk, Chlebnicka 2 (close to the waterfront). Splendid and simple pub in a style parodying the communist area in Poland. Go to the dogs atmosphere. 1/2 litre of beer: 4 zloty, vodka: 4 zloty, different kinds of food to go with beer, i.e. bread with dripping and cucumber: 8 zloty (same price for all dishes).




Gdańsk Wrzeszcz

Klub Żak, Grunwaldzka 195. Cultural meeting place in Wrzeszcz with cinema, theatre, exhibitions and, obviously, a busy café. 



Gdansk – Oliwa

Rock out pub, Plac Dworcowy 2. Right next to the railway station in Oliwa. An old level crossing keeper’s lodge transformed into a pub. Young rough atmosphere in a soft way. During the summer open-air concerts, karaoke on Tuesdays and different thematic arrangements during the week. Open from 6 p.m. A local bar with a special character. 

Bar mleczny (milk bar) ul. Grunwaldzka 503. The traditional eating places for Poles, who for some reason or another couldn't get home for dinner in communist times. The quality wasn’t always the very best, but they served traditional Polish dishes at very cheap prices. Today milk bars have experienced a renaissance, the quality has gone up and the premises have been made in a more personal style, but they still present traditional Polish cooking. They normally don’t speak English and you may not buy beer or alcohol at the milk bars, but use body language and drink kompot, a Polish syrup made from fruits. One of the better representatives of this kind of eating house lies a few minutes’ walk from the railway station in Oliwa in the direction of the main road. Absolutely worth a visit!

Gdansk - Przymorze

Naleśnikarnia Manekin, Grundwaldzka 270 (next to the university). Huge, solid pancakes with different kinds of stuffing. Pancakes made from maize flour, potato flour and others.10-15 zloty for a pancake. Decorated in old style with interesting antics and artistic subtlety. 

Cztery Strony Swiata, Grundwaldzka 417.  Different kinds of tasty and healthy food, among others pizza and burgers.



Gdansk - Nowy Port

Perła Bałtyku, Oliwska 65. A pearl in Nowy Port. Local restaurant with local atmosphere and homemade, international food-quality. Always a friendly service in an interestingly decorated room.  Polish kitchen, but very much inspired by the neighbouring countries. Also a selection of veggies (said to be excellent).


Przystań, Aleja Wojska Polskiego 11. Great beach bar and restaurant, situated between the walking path and the actual beach when arriving from Gdansk-Przymorze. Next to the bar a couple of active fishing boats are moored, and very close you find a small shop with fresh and smoked fish and a museum of fishing. The speciality is fish soup, but they also supply a number of quick dishes with fresh fish, and if you like you may just enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold drink. Reasonable prices, e.g. 14 zloty for ”the fisherman’s soup”. Open all year around.


Sopocka Probiernia Win, ul. Krolowej Jadwigii 9 (first side street on the right at Monte Cassino when you come from the pier). Small & cozy wine bar in a cellar where you may also buy cheese or cake. Huge selection of wines in bottles at prices just slightly higher than in the wine shop. You may also buy bottles to take home, and if you like to talk about wine the owner is a storehouse of information.

Spatif, Monte Cassino 52/54. Spacious bar and music club with a history going more than 50 years back. You have to ascend a flight of steps from the main street in order to get there, in the evenings you need to knock on the door to get in; sometimes it is packed, and some guests run the risk of being rejected. The place traditionally has its clientele from the artistic elite in Sopot, mixed with partying holiday visitors.  Normally the atmosphere is sparkling. And late at night you may also get something to eat. Often thematic parties and music arrangements. Varied music style. .


Zatoka Sztuki, Aleja Mamuszki 14. Huge, popular event place by the beach in central Sopot. Beach club, open for company conferences, art on the walls, children friendly family activities and other cultural arrangements. Interesting menu with artistic looking dishes and taste. Exorbitant prices in the summer time, where the prices are raised. Service isn’t the world’s quickest. 

Klub Atelier, Aleja Mamuszki 2. Yet another event place, but a bit more down-to-earth and somehow more like a pub than Zatoka Szuki. Theatre and cinema with regular performances, often music arrangements plus a possibility to enjoy the beach and the sea.

Tapas de Rucola, Pulaskiego 15 (the corner ul. Bema/ ul Pulaskiego). Spanish tapas with a multicultural touch to them, but not more multicultural than making me long back to the 5 years I lived in Spain many years ago every time I visit the place. Fine tapas at 9 zloty, and also some slightly more luxurious. Wine and beer are served without unnecessary fuss.


Zong Hua, Wojska Polskiego 1. Chinese restaurant with a tradition reaching many years back. With very few exceptions in mind, Chinese food in Poland is mainly cheap, but this is one of the exceptions, though a visit here is not necessarily expensive. Excellent Chinese cuisine. The restaurant belongs to the hotel with the same name, and it is situated on the water front in Sopot.

Sempre Pizza, Monte Cassino 49. A small chain with 4 excellent pizzerias (2 in Gdansk and yet another one in Sopot, see the address by clicking on their home page. Handmade pizzas with fresh raw materials at reasonable prices (around 20 zloty). Also serves pasta, starters and desserts.




Klub Pokład, skwer Tadeusza Kościuszki (Al. Jana Pawla II 11).  Club, discotheque, restaurant with fish and shellfish and a concert hall with jazz concerts amongst other things. A food and party place on the waterfront in Gdynia with a long tradition, designed as a ship. You don’t necessarily get the same value for money as in other places around Gdynia, but the atmosphere is good, and also a visit won’t ruin you.

Klub Muzyczny Ucho, Swietego Piotra 2. Huge music place with excellent concerts. Mainly open during weekends..

Cafe u Muzykuff, Hieronima Derdowskiego 9-11. Cozy cafe with an artistic atmosphere. Jazz concerts, exibitions, deserts and traditional Polish food in small portions.

Kawiarnia Cyganeria, 3 maja 27. Traditional old music cafe with cultural arrangements and a realistic atmosphere. 



Willa Mewa

Cosy pension situated close to the ring road. The area i surrounded by forest, and there is around 5 kilometres to the exclusive holyday resort in Orlowo.  8 comfortable rooms and a small restaurant, able to cater for 26 guests. Prizes from 119 zloty for a single room.


If you like good hotels at reasonable prices, then 3-city is the place. Gdansk has four 5-star hotels (Hilton, Radisson Blue, Hotel Dwór Oliwski and Podewills old Town), while Sopot has three (Sheraton, Sofitel Grand and Rezydent), where especially Sofitel Grand should be mentioned as a newly renovated hotel with proud, old traditions as a holiday hotel, lying on the beach and with a view to the sea from most of the rooms. Prices at 5 star hotels are frequently less than 150 Euro for a standard double room.

In general the quality of hotels in Gdansk and Sopot has risen immensely during the last few years, and at the same time a network of small pensions has turned up, with the possibility of renting a double room for less than 35 Euro a night, and often you may find accommodation even cheaper than that. is a good place to start looking for hotels, whereas if you just want to stay somewhere cheap overnight is the place.

Besides from *****Sofitel Grand ( in Sopot, which I mentioned before, I would like to draw attention to ****Hanza, which is a modern, excellent hotel next to the channel in the centre of Gdansk.

Also the new Mera Spa in Sopot, which does not come in among the cheapest holiday hotels, but which offers a service corresponding to the price

And finally Kamienica Gotyk (English: Gotyk House) in the heart of Gdansk – a guesthouse full of personality, located in a modernized building from 1451. Prices from 190 zloty for a single room, 30 zloty extra for a double room – around an additional 40% during the peak season.

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Grand Hotel in Sopot. An old, classic holiday hotel. After having been throughly renovated it is the top of holiday luxury.
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Brovarnia Gdansk
LOFT Gdansk
Cafe Balsam Gdansk
Klub zak Wreszcz
4 strony swiata Gdansk Wreszcz
Perla Baltyku Gdansk Nowy PortClick on the picture to see an enlargement.
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Bar Przystan Sopot
Pobierania win Sopot
Sopocka Probiernia Win
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Spatif Sopot
Zatoka Sztuki Sopot
Tapas de Rucola Sopot
Tapas de Rucola
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Zong Hua Sopot
Zong Hua
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Semper Pizza Sopot
Poklad Gdynia
Mera Spa Sopot
Expensive and  exquisite- Mera Spa in Sopot
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Gotyk House Gdansk
No to cyk Gdansk
No to cyk
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